Citibus - About Us

Citibus provides transportation within the city of Lubbock, Texas.  Although we only have a few bus tickets offered for sale online, we have many other options that can be bought at our downtown main office at 801 Texas Ave. 79401.  These tickets often require a form of ID for discounts, and proof of age or eligibility, which is why they can not be purchased on line.

These tickets include:

  • Coupons, from the City of Lubbock's Activity Guide, available at our office. 
  • Citiworks Pass: Monthly Pass that includes 1/2 off NiteRide services for after hours.
  • Citikids Pass: Quarterly Pass for kids 18 & under enrolled in school 
  • City U Pass: Quarterly Pass for students enrolled in higher education
  • Citi Summer Pass: Summer Pass for Kids 18  & under 
  • NiteRide Ticket Book

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