Citibus - About Us

Citibus provides transportation within Lubbock City Limits. To purchase bus tickets in person, visit our downtown main office at 801 Texas Avenue | Lubbock, TX 79401 or the Lubbock Bus Depot at 801 Broadway St | Lubbock, TX 79401.  Citibus Kids, Citibus -U- Passes, and Citibus Summer Passes must be purchased in person which require a form of ID, proof of age or eligibility, and a photo will be taken for the ID.

Discount Bus Passes include:

  • Citibus Kids Pass: Quarterly Pass for kids 5-18 years old enrolled in school 
  • Citibus Summer Pass: Summer Pass for Kids 5-18 years old 
  • Citibus -U- Pass: Quarterly Pass for students enrolled in higher education
  • Senior Citizens Pass: Ages 65+
  • Special Efforts Pass